Time and Territory Management Training

Time and Territory Management Training

If your organisation has sales representatives on the road, then it’s important they have the best time management and territory management training. By being able to more effectively manage a small sales territory, they will end up being able to see more customers and be more productive in the same amount of time this.
Time and Territory Management Training

Today across Australia thousands of organisations depend on the efforts and business skills of their account reps and territory managers to develop new and existing sales and business opportunities within their sales territories.

However, current research now confirms what many sales managers and business directors have known instinctively for some time; the average Australian territory manager spends less than 30% of their total time each week, face-to-face with prospects and customers. So what about the other 70% of their time; where does that go?

  • Create an active Territory plan which works best for your unique territory.
  • Increase your territory penetration and relationship effectiveness.
  • Control interruptions, E-mail, phone calls and time spent away from working in your territory.
  • Maximise your time on the road and NOT in the office.

The real truth is that without training and specific coaching, many territory managers, while working hard, may not be actually managing their time and their territory as efficiently as they could be.

The one day Time & Territory Management© program has been designed specifically with territory managers and account reps in mind. Developed in Australia by experts who understand how to successfully manage sales territories and close short-term and long-term sales, this program will show your people how to use their time and their sales resources more effectively!

How Will Your People Benefit From Attending This Program?

By the end of the program your sales people and territory managers will have the tools and techniques to be able to confidently invest more quality face-to-face time in their territory, doing what you expect them to do: close more sales! Your people will discover how to work more efficiently, effectively and of course – be much more focused.

The one day Time & Territory Management© program is a skill-packed seminar designed to provide you and your colleagues with the know-how you need to succeed in getting productivity out of any sales territory.

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