Telephone Skills Training

Telephone Skills Training

Next to the computer, the telephone is the most used business tool at work. If your customer service skills are dependent on your people’s ability to use the telephone, giving them the latest knowledge and skills in telephone service, etiquette and knowledge is important; especially if customer service is one of your pointer difference.
Telephone Skills Training

Within the first 5 seconds on the telephone your people establish your organisation’s image with its customers. As each minute passes, your people either increase the customer’s confidence… or weaken their view of your organisation. There is no question that telephone skills can make or break an organisation.

  • Deliver better, faster telephone service and increase satisfaction.
  • Know what each caller expects of you and your organisations.
  • Increase your credibility on the telephone.
  • Manage challenging callers or telephone situations more effectively .

With so much communication conducted over the telephone, no successful organisation can afford to frustrate customers or lose potential new customers because of average or poor telephone service; but many do. With so many options available to them, if you don’t get it right the first time and create that professional tele-experience, your callers might simply end up going elsewhere.

Delivering exceptional service and support on the telephone is vital to the success of any customer-focused organisation. The one-day Telephone Power© seminar shows each of your people the secrets and benefits of delivering truly outstanding telephone customer service in their industry.

After just one day, your staff will leave this program empowered with the skills and confidence to communicate on the telephone more effectively, listen with greater empathy, resolve misunderstanding and complaints faster and realise the true impact that their telephone service has in their working environment. Imagine what kind of ripple-effect that will have on your sales and profits!

During this highly interactive, results focused training session, we will combine informative discussions, group activities, and role-plays with powerful information, to help each of your participants practice and refine their telephone customer service skills.

Packed with practical exercises, eye-opening and relevant case studies, Telephone Power© is a must for everyone who interacts with customers on the telephone.

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