Sales Training

Sales Training

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Sales Training

Customers and prospects are smarter than ever before. And selling is getting harder. Your competition is challenging you, but the sales goals and the pace are much more demanding than in the past.

We believe that selling has never been simply about convincing a prospect or customer to buy something. Rather, the psychology of the sales process is to gain the trust of your prospect or customer. Rather than “talking” your way into a sale, today’s sales professionals ask questions and “listen”. The new generation of sales people are expert consultants, not fast-talkers.

  • How to to recognise opportunities to add value to a prospect’s business.
  • How to offer creative solutions and options for each customer.
  • Discover how to offer creative solutions and options.
  • Understand when and why prospects and customers buy.

Because thousands of Australian organisations depend on the efforts and success of their sales people to develop new and existing sales and business opportunities, the one-day The Psychology of Selling© program was designed with Australian sales people in mind. And because most salespeople already have basic selling skills, we know that what they often lack is a consistent and reliable selling and prospecting sales strategy.

Developed by experts who understand the importance of professional selling skills based on customer buying styles, The Psychology of Selling© program shows sales people how to close more business than ever before by understanding the basics of the psychological selling approach.

How will you benefit from attending this program? To build successful sales relationships and close more sales, a sales person has to meet two essential needs: the prospect’s psychological needs must be identified and, their buying objectives must be identified.

This program is for professionals who must use consultative selling; in other words, the skills to better understand a customer or prospect’s needs.

Sales people who understand and use our “sales psychology” system will always close more business than their counterparts who take the “talking-their-way-to-a-sale” approach.


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