Problem Solving Training

Problem Solving Training

Do you need your managers and employees to be more creative and to solve problems faster and with better results? Being able to understand problems and more importantly have the tools to solve them to give your organisation the edge over your competitors. Problem-solving skills will also boost the productivity and performance of your people in almost any workplace situation.
Problem Solving Training

In today’s business environment, critical thinking and problem-solving skills are essential for individual, team and organisational performance and success. If a team or an individual fails to identify problems early, or doesn’t have the skills to resolve or fully capitalise on them, there can be serious and adverse effects or repercussions for their team or organisation.

  • Discover how to create unique ideas within your workplace.
  • Turn problems into innovative solutions.
  • Uncover your unique ability to solve problems and implement new ideas quickly and painlessly.
  • Develop brilliant ways to come up with ideas.

The ability to ‘think outside the box’ and to exercise the powers of logic and objective intelligence is an essential growth and development skill. Regardless of the nature or the dimension of any problem to be solved or decision to be made, knowing how to approach problems and decisions creatively is one of the most important characteristics of successful people and organisations.

One reason many people have difficulty solving problems and thinking creatively is that they don’t understand the nature of the problem. One reason for this is that in the mind of many managers and team members, there’s no connection between a problem that needs fixing and the person asked to fix it. In other words, there is no ownership of the problem. This program will change that.

In just one action-packed day, the Creative Problem Solving & Decision Making© program will introduce participants to a whole new way of thinking with new and interesting processes they can use for creative problem solving.

So if the idea that thinking and being creative is painful, laborious and a headache best avoided, this program will change the way people think about creativity. This hands-on program provides an array of new tools, templates and insights for applying creative thinking and decision making both at work and in every facet of life.

During this lively and mind-opening program, participants get the opportunity to use causal analysis, problem-anticipation, creative problem solving, and decision-making methodologies.

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