Networking Training

Networking Training

Everyone agrees that professional networking is an important way of building relationships and interpersonal bridges with others. Learning how to connect with others socially is something that comes naturally to most people; that’s why learning how to network and truly connect with others is an important professional development skill.
Networking Training

Do your managers or staff need to network with customers or represent your organisation during or outside business hours? Believe it or not, many highly skilled professional people get quite stressed at the very thought of meeting new people or striking up a conversation with someone they have just met.

  • How to reduce nerves when stepping out to meet people.
  • Great ways to introduce yourself: Tips for building warmth and rapport.
  • Things you need to do within the first 5 minutes of the initial introduction.
  • The best way of building visibility in a room.

Some of the most common fears of networking or meeting other people include:

  • Not remembering names.
  • Being ignored or even worse, rejected.
  • Feeling nervous about meeting new people.
  • Not knowing what to say or how to keep a conversation flowing.
  • Coming off as ‘pushy’.

As experts already know, networking in personal or professional circles depends on a person’s ability to connect naturally with others. Considering that over 85% of an organisation’s new business comes from referrals, as well as additional work, networking skills are critical for the future of any business (or career).

If you have people within your workplace who have been avoiding networking; or hating every minute of it – that’s about to change! Once your people understand the simple, yet proven networking strategies that they’ll learn at the one-day Networking Power©, they will go to their next event feeling more relaxed and will enjoy meeting people and growing their business and personal relationships.

During this interactive seminar, participants will learn that networking, communicating and meeting others don’t have to be hard or stressful; especially if they the know the success shortcuts to networking, and are smart about how to network!

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