Managing Employee Underperformance

Managing Employee Underperformance

With so much change taking place in every organisation throughout Australia, it is vital to have all of your managers and employees understand both the need for change as well as a willingness to change grow. As the famous quote suggests; ‘change is inevitable – but growth is optional .’
Managing Employee Underperformance

Average employee performance and behaviour is not always a result of “average employees”. It usually stems from a lack of awareness of the causes of performance and the processes for creating good performance.

For your team members to perform at their best, four essential conditions, or requisites, must be present:

1. An awareness of what action and outcomes constitute desired performance.
2.The ability to do it.
3. The resources to do it.
4. The motivation to do it!

  • How to deal with people who don’t want to change.
  • Understanding the reasons behind an outward manifestation of performance or behavioural issues.
  • Building specific and measurable strategies to improve your employee’s performance.
  • Exploring personality differences and how to manage relational “clashes” and learn how to deal with age and cultural differences.

At the one-day Managing Performance Attitudes and Behaviour© program, your people will discover the practical keys for turning an average or possibly under-performing or average performing employees into a motivated and focused team of people who are committed to achieving their goals and objectives.

Achieving your group objectives depends very much on the motivation of each of your team members, and their ability to maintain the highest standards of workplace enthusiasm and performance.

Managing Performance Attitudes and Behaviour© shows you the subtle strategies for getting employees to produce the positive results you expect from them—and work towards putting a permanent end to average or underperformance, behaviour or attitudes. Using the proven and easy-to-implement tools taught in this seminar, you’ll learn to use fair, legal and assertive methods for managers and team leaders to take their people to the next level of performance.

Managing Performance Attitudes and Behaviour© will provide you with the specific knowledge, skills, techniques and answers you need to communicate effectively, to develop better rapport, ask better questions, to listen actively and attentively, to resolve inter-personal conflicts and to seek willing cooperation from team members who are currently experiencing performance issues.

In addition to this very practical and hands-on program, your people will be given a range of tools and systems to help them implement everything they have learnt.

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