How to Impress Your Boss

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When you are at work, it’s a lot like trying to date somebody you really like; you need to impress them first. At work you need to impress people around you to get them to want to work with you and have you on their team. The one person you definitely want to aim to impress is your boss.

A lot of people think of ‘impressing’ as sucking up, but that’s not true, that involves flattery and perhaps agreeing with everything that your boss says. When we talk about impressing your boss, we are talking about things that you can do through your work and behaviour that will make him sit up and pay attention to you.

Some of the things that we have found bosses to be impressed by are simple things that almost anybody can do for example being organised, or keeping your word. People like to work with people who keep their commitments and don’t break their promises. Another thing bosses like is employees who always keep them in loop, and who don’t assume too much without checking with them first.

Work is so much like dating, you need to dress the part at work too so that your date (boss) takes you seriously and is interested in what you have to say. Lastly, organisations like employees who acknowledge that there is a problem, but focus on the solution.

In this podcast, we are going to discuss 6 ways that you can impress your boss at work.

  • Get organised
  • Let your word be your bond
  • Protect them from surprises
  • Never assume
  • Look the part
  • Come with solutions, not just a problem

1. Get organised

Being organised at work is not only about keeping your desk neat and tidy. It also includes filing and taking care of paperwork. Managing files and emails and also dealing with projects in a neat and efficient way. It’s also about managing your schedule efficiently so that you are able to get more done in less time. Lastly if you are able to be organised when meeting with your boss, or meeting with a client, then that is sure to make a good impression.  So have all your printouts ready in meetings, circulate agenda’s, file project reports etc.

2. Let your word be your bond

Relationships at work are as fragile as relationships at home. When you make a promise or a commitment to anyone, every time you keep a promise it is like making a deposit in an emotional bank account. Every time you break a promise or fail to do what you say, it is like taking out a withdrawal from this bank account. At work, people who keep their word are respected and build a reputation for themselves as someone who keeps their promises and can be trusted to deliver when they say they will.

3. Protect them from surprises

Bosses don’t like to be surprised, and we don’t mean your team can’t throw them a surprise birthday party. We mean that when you are working on a project or an assignment, it is a great idea to update them about the status of the project every now and again. This includes what is going well and what needs to be taken care. This way your boss will know exactly what you are up to and will not have to deal with any surprises should his manager or a client ask him about something.

4. Never assume

When I train, I like to tell participants that the word assume, means to make an ‘ass’ out of ‘u’ and ‘me’. When we assume, we don’t really understand the situation or the context behind it and that can often prove disastrous at work. Rather than assuming the worst or even the best, it is always good to clarify the information with your boss to ensure that you are on the right page.

5. Look the part

Dress to impress. That’s right, take a few minutes and think how your boss would probably want their ideal employee to look like. Would they want you to look professional, put together and efficient? Take some time to figure out how you can look the part.

6. Come with solutions, not just a problem

We often do end up reaching out to our bosses every time we have a problem and there is nothing wrong with telling your boss about the situation at hand. However, rather than making your boss your sounding board or complaint centre, share the problem with him and also some    possible situations that you can think of. Your boss may have other ideas about how to solve the problem, but he will appreciate the fact that your focus is on solving the problem and not on the problem itself.