How To Keep Your Sales Funnel Full

How To Keep Your Sales Funnel Full

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As a salesperson there are so many things that you need to juggle simultaneously aren’t there. Let’s see if we can take a look at some of the many roles you juggle as part of your job.

You have to:

  • Meet clients
  • Fill up paperwork
  • Follow up on orders
  • Follow up with clients
  • Attend meetings and briefings
  • Work on your presentations
  • Travel incessantly
  • Consistently strive to meet your targets
  • Close the sale

All of this will not be possible if you don’t consistently fuel your sales funnel. Your sales funnel is a steady stream of prospects that you can meet with and pitch your product to. If you don’t have clients to sell to—well you can’t sell can you?

In this podcast we will explore how to:

  • Remember that selling is all about feeding the funnel
  • Making time everyday for prospecting
  • Using a good tool to keep track of opportunities
  • How to rate your opportunities A/B or C
  • Using postcards or emails as an alternative to getting on the phone
  • Remembering to always follow up

1. Remember that selling is about feeding the funnel

Unless you have a separate team that gathers leads for you, sales is all about feeding the funnel. You need to have a constant and consistent flow of prospective customers in order for you to meet your sales targets. Let us say your sales target is 5 sales a week and you close one in every three presentations you make, that still means that you need a steady stream of 15 customers to meet with every single week in order to meet your sales targets.

If you maintain a sales funnel you never will have to panic when it’s time to close your targets because you will always have a ready supply of prospects who can help you achieve your goals.