Networking Skills For Sales Professionals

Networking Skills For Sales Professionals

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There are many different ways to fuel the sales pipeline. One of the most popular ways is by getting a marketing list of people who fall into your target audience and cold calling them. The disadvantage with this method, is that customers are not very willing to buy from someone that they do not know and have not met before.

One of the best ways to build a reliable and steady stream of willing customers is by becoming an expert networker. Remember that people are more likely to buy from people that they know or trust, they are also more likely to buy from someone that their friend or colleague knows or trusts versus a total stranger.

Networking helps you to move from being a total stranger to being someone that your prospects know, have met, can attach a face to and are willing to spend time listening to. Most importantly, they trust you and trust is one of the most important factors in making a sale.

In this podcast we will discuss the various ways that you as a salesperson can leverage networking to your advantage; including, how to network, where to network, how often and what to do while attending an event.

1.Understand it’s not how much you know, it’s who you know

As a trainer I can tell you it’s never about how much I know when I am trying to pitch my services to a client, it is always about who I know. Having a strong and large network has many advantages. Many of your sales will happen within your network.

People within your network will often refer you to their friends and acquaintances who will then become your prospects. These prospects are more likely to buy from you because you were recommended by someone they know. Your network is likely to change jobs, move cities or change roles and they may want to refer you to their new circle. Sometimes even knowing that your prospect knows someone in your circle is a great way to get a buy-in from a prospect. I always check LinkedIn before meeting potential customers to see if we have anyone in common and then I bring that up in the conversation.

3. Join associations where you will meet existing and potential customers

Think about your product or service, are there associations where a large number of your prospective clients gather? For e.g. maybe you sell a financial software, are they events for people in finance departments of various companies that are held in your area which you could join. Think out of the box, the event or association does not have to be directly linked to your product; it just needs to be something that attracts a large number of your prospects. Maybe you sell very expensive kitchen fittings and your target audience is young upwardly mobile couples, then a golf club or association may be the ideal place to meet your prospects.

4. Networking is not about the alcohol or the food

It’s about the people you are meeting. Forget the food and forget the alcohol, I know that you may have paid good money for this event and it’s most likely happening in a great restaurant, however networking is about the people you are meeting and not about anything else. Don’t spend your time at the bar or the buffet, spend it introducing yourself, taking part in conversations and exchanging business cards. The booze and the food is secondary and you can treat yourself to a great meal later when you close tons of sales through all the contacts you made at the event.

5. Always carry business cards, notebooks and a couple of pens

Always carry a sufficient number of your business cards so that you can pass them out to people you meet. It is also a good idea to carry a notepad and a couple of pens so that you can take down notes when people talk about their needs or their business or even if you want to give them an impromptu presentation for a few minutes while you chat.

Sometimes people run out of business cards to they forget to carry them, in this case all you need to do is hand them your notepad and a pen so that you can capture the information.