Focusing In The Office

Focusing In The Office

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Investment: $285 per person
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INCLUDES: One-on-One Telephone Coaching

I know that most sales people hate to be in the office, they love to be out there, meeting prospects and signing contracts and closing sales. Unfortunately if you are a sales person today than you can’t avoid going in to the office at least a couple of times a week. Most of us tend to view going to the office as a waste of time, somewhere to maybe spend the day catching up with co-workers, attending a host of unimportant meetings and clocking in your hours till you can go home.

Sales people around the world are more aware than anyone else about the saying ‘Time is Money’ and when we go into the office, it feels like we are losing out on a A LOT of money.

In this podcast, we will talk about how to make the best use of your time when you are in the office.

We will talk about:

  • Whether it is necessary to come into the office everyday, or only when you need to?
  • How to begin each day with a plan for the day
  • What to do in the morning
  • What activities to schedule in during the early afternoon
  • How to avoid meetings, conversations and chatter which are not productive
  • How an ordinary kitchen timer can help you get tons more done in less time.

1. Only come into the office when it is absolutely necessary.

Do you really need to go to the office every single day? What tasks do you need to do in the office? Make a list of all the tasks you normally do when you are in the office on a sheet of paper. List everything down, even if it is something you only do once or twice a week or even once a fortnight. Now go through that list and put and H next to each task that can be done from home if you make an effort to. For e.g. can you cold call from home? Do you really need to call from the office land line? Is spending that extra money calling from your own phone worth the extra hours you save by not coming into the office? Now that you have eliminated all the tasks that can be done at home from your list, look at that list again. Can you fit everything on that list into one or two days?