Your First 60 days as a New Employee

Date: On Demand (access any time)
Investment: $285 per person
(Discounts for multiple participants)

INCLUDES: One-on-One Telephone Coaching

Introducing a short course that helps you critique the important aspects of marketing your business and teaches you to develop your brand for future growth. The Small Business Marketing Course is a crash-course that will enhance your ability to implement marketing that gets real results for your business.

By attending the Small Business Marketing Course, you will:

  • Identify and examine your target market in order to create compelling brand differentiation and a relevant positioning
  • Develop useable strategies for direct, offline and online marketing
  • Learn how to engage and activate your customers through targeted communications and specific messaging
  • Receive guidance on developing a comprehensive marketing strategy and plan

The course will provide numerous handouts and resources to support your learning. Plus, through the use of case studies, you’ll evaluate the marketing activities of other businesses and share and embrace those lessons that are relevant for you, whilst learning from identifying what doesn’t work.

Through live Q&A, pre-course and post-course resources, customised content and exercises, you’ll leave the program with an enhanced ability to implement marketing that really gets results.