Effective Sales Letters And Emails

Effective Sales Letters And Emails

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While the majority of your sales pitches will be done face to face or using a presentation, you may also want to incorporate writing effective sales letters and e-mails into your sales strategy.

By sending effective sales letters or emails to your customers you increase your chances of making a sale or at the very least getting a call for more information.

A sales letter is a document designed to generate sales. The objective of a well written sales letter is to persuade the prospect to place an order, request more information or to take a specific action by making an offer to him.

When writing a sales letter it is important to keep in mind your target audience, address their needs and be informative enough to tell them about your products features and benefits.

You don’t need to say everything in a sales letter, you need to only say enough to pique the readers’ interest, you can encourage them to call you or you can attach further information along with the letter or email. This way in case your prospect wants to know more information they know where to find it.

A few things to keep in mind when crafting a sales letter or an email is to keep it similar to most ads, which means you should make sure the format includes:

  • Your business or personal nameplate
  • An image and a headline
  • An address block if you use one
  • A greeting
  • A leading paragraph
  • The body
  • The closing

1. Remember that everyone is busy and concentration spans are short

Your sales letter should be mindful of that fact. Keep it long enough to catch their attention but not so long that they stop reading it after a few paragraphs.

Ideally your sales letter should include a headline and three paragraphs along with an image and maybe a link for further information or the action that you want them to take.

Also make it easy for them to look at – if you are sending a printed letter than restrict it to a one page printout, if your letter is being sent via email – then ensure that the  prospect does not need to scroll down more than once in order to complete reading what you have sent.