Dealing With Difficult Customers

Dealing With Difficult Customers

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One of the realties of selling a product or service, is knowing that the job is not done after you are done closing the sale. Your customer still needs to receive his product or service in time, be happy with it. He needs to be happy with any follow up services or products he buys from you. He needs to be thrilled with the condition of the product, the packaging and what it ultimately does for him.

More often than not, since you are the face that he associates with your company, he will bring any queries or issues to your notice. For him you are the face of  the company and you need to sort out any issues with him. Our first reaction when a customer calls us kicking and screaming is to kick and scream right back, or to deflect the blame or look for someone else to handle the situation. In this podcast we will talk about why all of these strategies will only cause your customer to continue to be upset with you or in the worst case, he will choose to take his business elsewhere.

In this podcast we will talk about:

  • Why it does not really matter who is right or wrong, because the customer is ALWAYS right
  • Why you need to allow your customers to vent and express their feelings
  • Why you should spend the most time focussing on fixing the problem
  • How to demonstrate you care
  • How to look at the bigger picture
  • Why you should always follow up with a difficult customer.

1. It does not really matter who is right or wrong, because the customer is ALWAYS right

Sometimes your customers may actually be the ones who are wrong but if you begin to explain this to them, it will become a battle of egos. When it comes to sales and services, whoever the customer believes to be at fault – is the one at fault. Rather than getting into a heated argument over who did what and who stands to blame, accept that the customer is always right and focus on finding a solution to the problem.  I know this can be a bitter pill to swallow, but the old saying ‘Customer is King’ is best remembered in situations such as these. Think of fancy restaurants, a Greek salad in one is completely different from a Greek salad in another. However, if a customer complains and says this is not how a Greek salad is made, the restaurant has no choice but to change his order Even if the recipe that they follow is different and clearly mentioned on the menu.