Conducting Sales Meetings

Conducting Sales Meetings

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INCLUDES: One-on-One Telephone Coaching

So you have done the ground work, and built your sales pipeline. You took a deep breath on Monday and picked up the phone to call prospective customers. Imagine your delight when a couple of them were willing and ready to meet you this week!

Questions run through your mind, when to meet them and where? What should you wear? How long should the meeting be? In this podcast we will attempt to bridge the gap between identifying a prospect and actually meeting them face to face in order to make your sales presentations.

In this podcast we are going to discuss the following insights into how to conduct a successful sales meeting:

  1. Pick the right location. You don’t always have to meet the prospect in his office, in this section we will talk about some alternate places that you can meet with your customer.
  2. When you are making that appointment, it pays to know the best days of the week and hours to meet with your prospect in order to increase your chances of making a sale.
  3. Did you know that in addition to the words you use, the way you are dressed and a hundred other things; where you sit in a meeting can have a positive or negative impact on the meeting outcome? We will talk about the ONE place you should not sit when meeting with a prospective customer.
  4. The meeting starts from the reception and continues to the meeting room. What to do so that you make a great first impression on your prospect.
  5. Begin with small talk, but launch into the presentation. Here we talk about how much time to spend on small talk.
  6. Value your prospect’s time and they will value you as a sales person. Finally we discuss when is the best time to end a meeting.

1. Consider the location

Why not meet for coffee in a cafe near the prospect offices? You don’t always need to meet a prospect at his office. In fact the chances are if you meet him at his office, he will be distracted by meetings, phone calls and other demands on his time. Instead offer to meet a prospect at a coffee shop near his office, where you can have his undivided attention. Or ask him where he has his lunch and see if you can join him for lunch while you run him through your sales pitch. If your prospect is really busy, offer to join him on any one of his daily activities – maybe a walk or his golf game over the weekend.

Think outside the box when fixing a meeting place to make your sales pitch. Consider an environment where your prospect is relaxed and in the right frame of mind to hear you out.