How To Commit Yourself To Excellence

How To Commit Yourself To Excellence

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Salespeople have one of the most stressful and challenging jobs in the world. It is also one of the most rewarding career paths that you can choose.

There is nothing more rewarding than getting that customer to buy your product or service, when he did not even want to talk to you at the beginning of the call.

There is a certain adrenaline rush that all salespeople get when they close a difficult sale or better their previous sale’s records or better yet beat someone else’s long-standing sales   record.

Sales is also a very competitive field, there is always a better price, a pushier salesperson and a newer product waiting around the corner.

In this cut throat field it is important to focus on bettering yourself everyday and finding ways to achieve excellence in what you do.

This podcast focuses on the top five ways that you can achieve excellence as a sales person.

  1. Model yourself on others who have achieved excellence in sales
  2. What are your critical success factors?
  3. Commit to developing one new skill every week for a year
  4. Incorporate this new skill into your daily habits
  5. Work with a mentor

Excellence Tips & Tricks

Over the next couple of pages we will look at ways for you to achieve excellence in sales by  adopting some behaviours that are so easy that you will wonder why you never thought of them before. The best part is that they really work!

1. Model yourself on others who have achieved excellence in sales.

There is a reason that some people have achieved excellence in sales – they are doing something right. They have figured out the formula that makes customers line up buy their products. Though most sales people prefer to keep their methods and means secret, you may get lucky and convince a great salesperson to share their secrets with you, else buy some tapes or books by well known sales guru’s and use those. Ask if you can tag along on presentations and customer calls, take notes about what they say, how they say and how the customer reacts to them. How do they dress? What tools do they use? What about stories? Now adopt some of these factors into you own pitch, you don’t have to copy the 100%, but even if you model 40% of your  behaviour on theirs you will still be 40% more successful than you already are.

2. What are your critical success factors?

What are the things that really matter in your job? Critical success factors are those essential areas of activity that you need to do well in order to excel at your job. As a salesperson, perhaps some of these critical success factors will be – the ability to network and meet new people, the ability to follow up with prospective clients, the ability to make great presentations, can you think of more? Make a list of those activities that really matter and that will help you achieve excellence at work. Now number this list from one onwards down to the last behaviour ranking them in order of importance from most important to least important.

3. Commit to developing one new skill every week for one year.

Once you have this list of critical success factors, commit to developing one new skill every single week for one year. There are many ways you can do this: you can read a book, listen to a podcast (like this one), talk to someone who has this skill, attend a training session or simply figure out a way to do things better that you already are.  At the end of one year, you would have developed 52 new skills – how amazing do you think you are going to be then?

4. Incorporate this new skill into your daily habits

It’s one thing to learn a new skill every single week for a year, but if you don’t practice it you are going to forget it or worse you will remember it but not be in the habit of doing it on a daily basis.

The best way to learn and use a new skill is to make it a part of your daily routine until it becomes a habit. Remember that it takes up to 21 days for something to become a habit, so practice doing this new skill every day until it becomes a part of your daily routine.  Let’s say you developed the skill of writing thank you emails to every customer you meet, set aside time every single day to write out emails to all the customers you met that day. Pretty soon you will be doing this on autopilot. What are you going to do today in order to make the skill that you learnt this week a part of your daily life.

5. Work with a mentor and be teachable

Human beings, especially sales people are social creatures and we enjoy learning from each other’s experiences.  Find yourself a mentor who is willing to share their  experiences with you. You will have someone to talk to and who will motivate you to commit to excellence. Find someone who has worked in or is working in the same field as you and who you  consider to be an expert salesperson—you must look up to this person. It’s a good idea to remember that this person is taking the time and initiative to teach you what they know and perhaps spent a lifetime learning, so be open to learning from them.

You may be surprised at the wealth of knowledge and motivation you will receive.