How to Avoid Death by Powerpoint

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Have you ever heard the term ‘Death by PowerPoint’? Perhaps you have been on the receiving end of this phenomenon as a presenter showed slide after boring slide filled with text and graphs and charts and insisted on reading out every single work to you without  stopping, until the end of the presentation.

If you have ever had this experience, then you know that it’s no fun to be in the audience with this presenter. Your prospects too will probably not buy your product or service at the end of a long and boring presentation. However as a salesperson you are expected to—nay—required to give presentations to your prospect. The question is how can you make these presentations as painless as possible, in fact how can you make them interesting, engaging and even enjoyable for your prospects.

In this podcast we will discuss ways that you can avoid the dreaded ‘Death by PowerPoint’ syndrome and instead impress your audience with clear images, clean text-less slides and a presentation that actually supports what you say and tells a story at the same time.

1. PowerPoint should always support a brilliant personal presentation.

When I train on Presentation skills, I always tell my participants one thing “PowerPoint is NOT the presentation – YOU are the presentation”. PowerPoint is only a tool to help you make your presentation clearer. It is there for you to use when you need to, for e.g. when you want to show data or share images with the audience. Your job is to use PowerPoint in addition to your presentation, you are not a tele-prompter, you don’t need to read each slide out to the audience. In fact, you should be able to give your presentation just as well without your slides, you need to be the cake and PowerPoint needs to be the icing. Your personal presentation needs to be brilliant enough, so that if you need to you can shut down the laptop, go for a walk with the prospect and still close the sale.