Delegation Training

Delegation Training

With so much to do and so little time to do it, today’s busy managers need to be able to delegate down to their team members in order for them to spend more time on the more important aspects of their work. Giving your managers the right knowledge and skills to be able to delegate will help release their breaks as well as empower the people within their teams.
Delegation Training

One of the frustrations of senior managers is discovering that their middle managers, supervisors and team leaders are taking on too much work themselves and not delegating enough. Rather than having the middle managers spend time working on tactical or strategic matters each week, these overworked managers often find themselves spending too much time on “the stuff”.

  • Discover why most managers find it hard to delegate.
  • How to set up a succession plan using delegation as a cornerstone.
  • Use a behavioural assessment to learn their own delegation style.
  • How to delegate so that your instructions are carried out perfectly.

When a manager doesn’t delegate, he or she spends too much time working in their team or department and not enough time working on their team or department. Not only does the manager find that they do not have enough time to get everything done, but there is also a lack of succession planning taking place within their respective teams.

In theory, delegation seems to be something every manager should be able to do. In practice, the great majority of managers find it very hard for one reason or another. For some managers, letting go of their day-to-day tasks is something they find themselves reluctant to do.

For other managers, delegating is an issue of trust. For others, they will tell you that it is quicker to do the work themselves rather than train someone.

In this one day training program, Delegation Skills for Managers will teach every manager, supervisor or team leader within your organisation not only why they should be delegating more, but how to do it more effectively, with less stress and with far greater results than they would have achieved without any type of training.

Using a delegation proven process and behavioural assessments, your people will learn how and why to delegate with tremendous results.


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