Customer Service Training

Customer Service Training

When all is said and done, customer service is what will often stand out as a key point of difference between one organisation and another. Understanding the importance of delivering exceptional customer service experiences is truly a key success factor in today’s competitive workplace and environment.
Customer Service Trainin

Carlzon, President of Scandinavian Airlines System, coined the term Moment of Truth for each customer contact in person, by phone, email or otherwise. He reached the conclusion that each one provides an opportunity to create a positive or a negative perception of the organisation.

Hence his “prescription” that says: “Manage the dickens out of those unique, never-to-be-repeated opportunities to distinguish ourselves in a memorable fashion from each and every one of our competitors.”

  • Learn how to deliver service that gets customers raving.
  • Discover what customers really want when asking for service.
  • Understand the different levels of expectation and how to deliver them.
  • How to create a customer service culture within the team.

The Everyone is a Customer© program will help your people develop their understanding that customer service is their business! Over the course of one day, participants will learn about their own unique behavioural style and why they think and communicate the way they do with their customers. They’ll learn that listening and using excellent communication skills to serve their customers is the hallmark of developing a customer-centric, service mindset.

The Everyone is a Customer© program is highly interactive and throughout the day everyone is encouraged to brainstorm, participate in break-out groups and involve themselves in customer service scenarios, simulations and discussions on the concepts and techniques to deliver outstanding service.

Participants will gain a greater understanding of their role as they are asked to put themselves in their customers’ place. They will learn that customer service is based on perceptions and how these can differ from customer to customer.

Case studies and scenarios relevant to the organisation will be looked at as a group, as the facilitator offers tips, tools and demonstrates how these can be used to achieve customer-service interactions and outcomes. If keeping customers coming back over and over again is important to you, then your staff could definitely benefit from this training program.


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