Communication Skills Training

Communication Skills Training

Everyone agrees that communication is one of the single most important skills any professional person can possess. Knowing how to communicate, to influence and persuade is essential in order to get your message across to others, to build rapport and to achieve results at work.
Communication Skills Training

Interacting and communicating with others isn’t a one-way street. Communication is a process in which two or more people share meaning, information and personal feelings. In business, communication is the key to building relationships and poor communication is responsible for burning bridges. All sorts of workplace transactions depend on having excellent communication.

  • Learn to deal with confidence, assurance and authenticity.
  • Effectively communicate with and be understood by others.
  • Increase your level of personal influence and rapport.
  • Fully understand the other person you are talking and communicating with.

If your team members are going to be effective communicators, they need to learn to adjust their personal communication style to the people they are with or situations they are in at that moment. But how? How we get our message across to a colleague in one situation could be a major catastrophe in another with an angry customer. The secret to effective communication is to develop a wide variety of powerful communication skills. Then you can choose the one that will be the most effective in whatever professional or personal situation a person finds themselves.

Having personal presence through effective communication is essential for any person to successfully engage and gain the attention of others. At the one-day Communication Power© program, participants learn how to use an array of verbal, and non-verbal communication skills to help them to develop a deep rapport with their customers, colleagues and others.

Being an effective communicator means that the other people whom each participant interacts with will take them and what they say seriously; listen to what they have to say, engage in dialogue and then act on their requests.

By discovering these new communication techniques, participants will learn how to effectively engage others through listening actively. As active Communication Power© participants, each person learns that good communication saves time, prevents misunderstandings, builds customer loyalty, and strengthens every working relationship.


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