Change Management Training

Change Management Training

With so much change taking place in every organisation throughout Australia, it is vital to have all of your managers and employees understand both the need for change as well as a willingness to change. As the famous quote suggests; “change is inevitable – but growth is optional.”
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Change Rule 1: Change is a natural and normal part of everyday life!

If managed well, change will bring revitalisation in both individual employees and an organisation. After all, improvement and growth can only occur through a process of continuous development, growth and renewal. While that all sounds good, “change” is a word that can strike fear in the hearts of many people at work.

  • Recognise the opportunities presented by change.
  • Maintain your focus and effectiveness while things change.
  • Use your own strengths during change to become a source of stability.
  • Learn effective communication styles to deal with challenges.

Embracing and Managing Change© is a one-day, interactive professional development program which prepares managers and leaders who are responsible for facilitating or implementing change initiatives at work.

During this program, participants learn about change; the need for change, understanding change and how to work within their team in ways that build support before, during and after any major change occurs. Each participant learns how to better cope themselves, as well as manage team members who seem resistant, unwilling or unable to accept change. They’ll also learn how to implement a change management process effectively with their team or business unit.

As well as gaining use of a range of useful “change” tools and methods to structure communication to facilitate change, participants will use a self-assessment instrument to learn more about their own change style and participate in a number of role plays to illustrate how to deal with others who find change challenging. Embracing and Managing Change© will help anyone whose organisation is in the midst of change.


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