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We develop your ‘work smarts’

There is no need to tell you that today’s business world is faced with pressure and uncertainty. This means everyone is expected to do more, often with your resources and less time. That’s why it’s a necessity to develop your skills and smarts.

For close to 20 years with working with many of Australia’s most successful organisations, delivering high content, high-quality, short-course professional development training. Whether you need to develop the negotiation presentation skills of your managers, or the time and priority management of the general staff, we have some of Australia’s best training to help you achieve your goals. To learn more about how we can help you and receive free samples of our materials, call us today on 1300-881-891.


Our Learning Solutions

training programs1 & 2 Day Training Programs

Our full-day training programs are the backbone of what is regarded as some of the best short-course training and development available anywhere in Australia. This training courses are fully customised for your industry, people and the specific issues that you want your people to learn during the training program.



half day trainingHalf-Day Training Programs

Many organisations, especially professional services firms
(such as law firms and accounting firms) find it very difficult to have their people attend training for any more than three hours. If time is a problem, we can condense our full-day programs into “Express” professional development sessions, giving your people the core content and knowledge in a short timeframe.


60 minute lunch and learn60 Minute ‘Lunch and Learn’
Training Programs

Sometimes a more practical way of getting your people training is to have a series of 60 minute, ‘lunch and learn’ type training sessions. These highly engaging and energetic sessions provide an instant “shot in the arm” of learning and knowledge in the shortest possible time frame.



conference sessionsConference ‘Breakout’ Sessions

National, State an internal organisational conferences meetings can be made even better with a customised keynote presentation or breakout session. Tell us the theme of your conference for meeting and we can provide a highly memorable and dynamic ‘breakout’ session, for the entire group of delegates, or a select group.



eseminarseSeminars (Learning at Your Desk)

When budgets are tight, the pressure is on and time is at a premium, it’s essential that your people continue to develop their knowledge and skills. Our range of cost-effective, online eSeminars means that your people can continue to develop their knowledge and skills without having to leave their work area. There is nothing that compares in pricing and value for money anywhere in Australia.