Assertiveness Skills Training

Assertiveness Skills Training

Assertive people are more confident and comfortable with who they are. Being assertive means that you are able to stand up for your own rights, communicate with confidence, ask for what you want, and at the same time respect the rights and the needs of others.
Assertiveness Skills Training

How many times have you wanted to express yourself more clearly but felt you couldn’t. In today’s workplace, assertiveness is one of the most effective communication methods for building better relationships and conveying your thoughts and feelings. That’s because a relationship built on assertiveness is usually one based on mutual trust and mutual respect.

  • Learn how to get even the most difficult person to compromise.
  • 3 methods for dealing with aggressive colleagues.
  • How to involve others without inviting them to usurp your authority.
  • Use the most effective way to cut to the heart of any problem.

Whether you are a manager or team member, to get cooperation and results from others you’ve got to be authoritative without seeming to steamroll people. In meetings and general communication you need to get your point across, without being pushy or on the other hand, too wishy-washy.

Now you can learn to communicate with greater confidence and authority. Assertiveness Skills for Professionals© is a powerful one-day seminar designed to provide you and your colleagues with the assertive communication skills essential to get cooperation from others and with greater confidence and authority.

Through interactive exercises, insightful discussions and activities, you’ll master people skills and assertive communication techniques guaranteed to give you an edge when you deal with the people, problems, and situations that once caused you stress. Each participant will develop an understanding of the meaning and benefits of assertive communication.

This powerful professional development program is packed full of practical ideas, techniques and strategies that are highly relevant and readily able to be implemented in any workplace.


Assertiveness Skills Training

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Assertiveness Skills Training

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