Train the Trainer

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With so much change taking place in every organisation throughout Australia, it is vital to have all of your managers and employees understand both the need for change as well as a willingness to change. As the famous quote suggests; “change is inevitable – but growth is optional.”
Train the Trainer

Today many organisations are wanting to deliver more internal training programs to their employees. But let’s be honest, there is a huge difference between standing up in front of a room and reading from a book, to delivering high impact, high-quality training for adults. If you have ever sat in a training room for even an hour or two and have been bored because of the poor or inadequate trainer or training material, you know only too well the importance of having effective trainers within your organisation.

  • Learn how to get even the most difficult person to compromise.
  • 3 methods for dealing with aggressive colleagues.
  • How to involve others without inviting them to usurp your authority.
  • Use the most effective way to cut to the heart of any problem.

This 2-day hands-on Train-the-Trainer training seminar is designed to help employees or managers who need to create and then deliver short training sessions for staff within your organisation. The focus of this program is on the supervisor, or manager who has either been asked to present or train a group of employees but has little or no prior experience.

Throughout the course of this program your people will explore how adults learn, how to motivate people to apply what they learn and how to take a step-by-step approach for creating interesting and insightful training.

During this seminar your people will undertake exercises to develop training materials for specific training situations and learn how to present and deliver training like a professional. What this means is that your internal training program such as staff inductions, technical training, software training, and other company related training can be developed and delivered by your internal staff. This not only provides them an outlet to develop their skills, but also saves organisation tens of thousands of dollars in training costs on an ongoing basis.

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Train the Trainer
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