Time Management Training

Time Management Training

It isn’t about how much you do; it’s what you do that matters! Being good at managing time and priority is all about learning how to balance tasks, E-mails, phone calls, interruptions, meetings as well as important projects. If time management is something you feel your people are naturally good at, then give them the skills to manage their time or effectively be sure to give them an edge in productivity and performance.
Time Management Training

There has never been a period like today where the need to be highly organised, effective and in control of your personal and professional time is so critical.

That’s why it’s ironic that the most common employee time management concern in the Australian workplace today is the problem of being reactive rather than proactive when working through their E-mail, tasks, customer requests, meetings, projects and other activities.

In other words, rather than moving towards a long-term goal or objective, many employees (and many managers) react to external pressures and interruptions and work throughout the day with no actual plan! If you’ve ever met someone who got to the end of their day and couldn’t remember what they actually achieved, you’ve already identified the issue!

  • Put things into perspective and work on long-term and short-term tasks.
  • Plan effectively and learn to organise your E-mail and paper work.
  • Achieve better results through effective planning and prioritising.
  • Gain a balance between professional goals and personal time.

For over 10 years Time Track© has been the stand-out, one-day personal effectiveness seminar that teaches participants how to reverse this process. Through highly stimulating and interactive participation and self-analysis of their time management and personal organisation, participants learn a series of new, practical systems and processes which they can use, whatever their role on a daily basis.

What makes the Time Track© experience so different from so many other training seminars is that this program actually delivers everything it promises! In just one day, your people will learn how to achieve higher levels of productivity while balancing their professional and personal lives.

We guarantee that what your people learn and implement will have a profound affect on the way they perform and achieve in the future! If time is at a premium within your organisation, and your serious about long-term improvements in everybody’s time management, why not take a few minutes to review the Time Track© program content on the next page!

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Time Management Training
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Time Management Training