Stress Management Training

Stress Management Training

According to the most recent research in Australia, most employees throughout the work force are suffering some degree of stress at work. While you can’t always eliminate stress, simply due to the nature of work, there are many ways stress can be tackled so people feel more confident and comfortable within themselves.
Stress Management Training

Experts from all walks of life readily agree on one fact: The coming years promises continued change, challenges, and stress! While some degree of pressure is normal, and in fact can be a healthy part of a working life, we all know unhealthy and sustained levels of pressure and stress can cause fatigue, illness and finally burnout.

You see, stress is the body’s response to an unknown or uncertain condition. When confronted with stress, the mind tells the body that there is imminent danger and it must fight for its life or flee. This “fight-or-flight” response is an instinctual process to help insure survival.

  • Learn how to reduce your stress with effective breathing techniques.
  • How to maintain your focus and effectiveness during stressful periods.
  • What to look for before your stress becomes to much.
  • Effective ways to let go of hurt, anger and release emotional blockages.

The challenge for individuals and Australian organisations is to find the best amount of pressure in which energy, performance and wellness is enhanced.

What steps can you take to improve your company’s productivity?

The goal of Less Stress© is to improve employee wellness and overall effectiveness which can result in increased productivity for your organisation.

Less Stress© provides safe, time-tested techniques to reduce both the perception of stress and its harmful consequences. After just one day, participants will leave the training empowered with the skills and confidence to reduce their stress and gain greater control over their personal and working lives.

Less Stress© combines informative discussions, group activities and role-plays to help participants practice reducing stress. Packed with practical exercises, eye-opening and relevant case studies, Less Stress© is a must for any professional, manager or employee who feels the pressure of stress in their workplace.

The effective self-management, reduction, and even the prevention of some distress will enhance productivity and promote health while providing a more balanced lifestyle.

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Stress Management Training
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Stress Management Training