Speed Reading Training

Speed Reading Training

With everyone seemingly deluged and swamped with information today, being able to dramatically and permanently improve your reading speed, concentration and comprehension can often be the difference between frustration and success. Over the years, many managers and key employees have learnt how to digests a huge amount of information by discovering the art and science of speed reading.
Speed Reading Training

A question that is often asked is whether or not anyone can improve their actual reading speed. The straightforward answer is “yes”… you can.

Think about it for a moment; most professionals, including lawyers, accountants, engineers, consultants and employees from all types of backgrounds spend hundreds of hours every year reading and studying a variety of documentation at work. So imagine doubling or tripling your reading speed and making faster reading and comprehension a permanent workplace habit! What if reading became more enjoyable?

  • Double your reading speed in just one day.
  • Increase your comprehension.
  • Learn to remember more of what you read.
  • Get through E-mail and paper documents effortlessly.

Research suggests that most managers and staff typically spend little or no time learning how to learn, even though reading E-mail, memos, reports and documents are a significant part of their work.

Just think about the time management impact if you and your colleagues could read faster and better; remember more of what you read – and remember it for longer.

This one-day Speed Reading Power© program shows professional people how to read at substantially faster rates, assimilate information easily, remember more and enjoy what they read.

Speed Reading Power© has been created to teach busy professional people how to use their mental resources more effectively and how to make their electronic and paper reading material easier to read in a faster time frame!

By the end of the program all participants will have the tools and techniques to read up to two or three times their current speed, with greater clarity and better comprehension.

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Speed Reading Training
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Speed Reading Training