Report Writing Training

Report Writing Training

Being able to develop, craft and then write a report to a customer, a colleague or a manager is not something the average person has any formal training in. Learning how to write meaningful and professional reports.
Report Writing Training

Most of us have to write reports to communicate information within and outside our organisations and time is always an issue. However, a badly written report risks remaining unread and its objectives not being reached. Effective report writing is one of the best ways of influencing and persuading the right people and leave a permanent record of your research and thought processes.

  • Recognise and apply the appropriate report writing format.
  • Learn how to use headings and subheadings as signposts.
  • Create reports and proposals that inform, persuade and provide the right information.
  • Learn the best methods for proofreading your work so you can feel confident it is clear, concise, complete and correct.

Without the right training or guidance many of these reports and documents can end up being overly wordy, poorly written, or simply fail to capture their readers’ attention. In a recent survey nearly four out of five business people admitted that they’re not really that confident when writing reports, memos or other business material.

While many managers and employees agree than good business and report writing are essential skills to have when communicating in a written format to clients and colleagues, research suggests that the very people (who are the ones required to format, write, proofread and finally edit these documents) have spent very little or no time learning how to write business reports and documents.

Simply put, good writing gets read and gets results. For any report, proposal, or professional document to hit the mark, it must be clear, concise, complete, and correct. It should also convey all of the information in a professional, organised and courteous tone.

Writing Reports and Proposals© is a one-day seminar intended to help your people write well-written reports and proposals. The seminar show the best way to format and structure reports and other writing as well best-practice methods for conveying your information to your specific audience.

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Report Writing Training
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Report Writing Training