Project Management Training

Project Management Training

Many managers and senior employees today are also expected to undertake small projects (in addition to their daily tasks). Understanding how to manage small projects while balancing a busy set of work tasks is essential for the success of any project.
Project Management Training

Congratulations! You’ve just been appointed to work on a project.

For some managers and staff, this is a daunting introduction to the world of project management. Next come the big questions; How do you get started? What steps do you do next? How can you ensure the success of the project?

  • Why projects can fail – and how to avoid these dangerous pitfalls.
  • The critical elements of a project life-cycle.
  • The easy ways to use computer-generated project charts and diagrams.
  • How to use several project-scheduling techniques.

Today many organisations expect their managers and senior staff to be able to work on small or medium sizes projects in addition to performing their normal work activities. And working as a project “manager”, or a project team member means you need to have the skills to work towards deadlines, co-ordinate and organise resources, communicate with others, as well as keep a project under control.

If your organisation or team have projects to manage either now or in the future, the 1-day Project Management Power© program will help your people to understand and apply the essential elements of successfully managing basic projects.

During the program, participants learn how to successfully kick-off a project through an effective planning process; manage the time, budget and specification elements, and then deliver their project by setting and managing project milestones. The program also covers everything from defining the project scope to planning and setting budgets. There is hands-on practice, exercises and real-world examples.

Participants also learn how to implement project management processes, and understand how to calculate time frames and specifications using engaging role-play scenarios.

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Project Management Training