Performance Management Training

Performance Management Training

At some point or another, every manager has to deal with an employee who underperforms. Understanding and knowing how to performance manage employee is important in order to turn that person’s behaviour around and increase their productivity (and win their hearts and minds).
Performance Management Training

Poor employee performance can be often difficult to define because circumstances and individuals differ. A useful definition is: “The continuing failure of an individual to meet the requirements of his/her job, including meeting agreed targets or providing a satisfactory service”; or, “regular below-par performance on the part of an individual that adversely affects his or her own ability, and/or that of others, to do their work adequately.”

  • Understand the reasons why employees who could perform don’t.
  • Take control of your toughest performance and attitude problems, confidently and correctly.
  • Conduct performance reviews that bring the positive behaviour you expect.

Most of us are forced to deal with difficult people; sometimes daily. Whether within our department, or in other areas of the organisation, we need to recognise difficult personality types and how to deal with them effectively. Does your organisation ever have to deal with team members performing less than expected? Or with staff who have attitude or behavioural problems?

To figure out what’s causing an employee performance issue and hopefully turn around the unacceptable behaviour, you have to get to the root of the problem. But let’s be honest; dealing with poor employee performance and behaviour can be challenging for many managers, team leaders and supervisors at the best of times.

For any team member to perform at their best, four essential conditions must be present:

1. An awareness of what action and outcomes are needed.
2. The ability to do it.
3. The resources to do it.
4. The motivation to do it.

If you ever dreaded or put off confronting people because you were not sure what to say, the one-day Managing Performance, Behaviour and Attitudes© program will help you. Over one day, participants will discover the practical keys for turning an average or possibly under-performing staff members into motivated and focused members of their teams.

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Performance Management Training
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Performance Management Training
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Performance Management Training