Negotiation Skills Training

Negotiation Skills Training

Learning how to negotiate in any situation is critical in today’s ultracompetitive workplace. Whether you’re negotiating deadlines, contracts with suppliers, or pricing with customers, being able to get the best possible outcome using negotiation skills is essential for success.
Negotiation Skills Training

Whether you know it or not, every day you and your team members encounter work situations where you need to negotiate clearly and effectively.

Perhaps you need to negotiate the sale or purchase of equipment, close an important sale, or simply encourage colleagues to meet their work goals. The fact is that skillful negotiating will bring you both professional and personal success and help you perform your job better.

Negotiation Power© delivers the essence of win-win negotiating in one information-rich day. From learning what’s really happening when two parties get together, to discovering how to look out for your own interests to get the best outcome; it’s all covered in this program.

  • Develop a BATNA (best alternative to a negotiated agreement).
  • How to clarify all interests and create opportunities for mutual gain.
  • Encourage dialogue when negotiations stall.
  • Learn to be tough on the issues, but not the people.
  • Understand preparation: The single most important key to negotiating.

Throughout the day, Negotiation Power© will enrich your people’s negotiation skills so that they will come out winners from more of their negotiations and interactions with others. The program focuses on the preparation groundwork, the actual negotiation process, relationships and the follow-through when the final agreement is made.

Managers and staff who are wanting to expand and develop their influencing skills, and need to learn how to negotiate positive changes would see great value in attending this professional development program.

Intensive and challenging, the program uses short presentations, role plays, exercises and discussion groups to guide each participant to succeed in both complex and simple negotiations.

At the conclusion of this program participants are equipped to meet typical negotiating situations with greater confidence and preparedness. Through open discussions, role play and case studies, they’ll walk away with an in-depth knowledge of how negotiations really work.

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Negotiation Skills Training
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Negotiation Skills Training
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Negotiation Skills Training