Management Training

Management Training

Team leaders, supervisors and middle managers are the building blocks of any organisation. Giving your people the right management training and support is essential in order to help them and their people achieve the critical goals that are expected of them.
Management Training

Meetings can be an effective way to solve problems, make decisions and share information; or just a frustrating waste of everybody’s time. The difference between a productive meeting and unproductive one is how the meeting is conducted and how everyone participates.

  • How to create an agenda that gets read and get results.
  • The best ways to keep a meeting starting and running on time.
  • Techniques for documenting, agreements, assignments and events.
  • How to run brainstorming, problem solving, strategic and other types of meetings.

We know from experience that it is not always easy to run an effective meeting. For a meeting to be considered useful and a productive use of everybody’s time, a balance of flexibility, diplomacy, focus and a good agenda is needed.

So ask yourself, how many meetings in your organisation currently start late? Finish late? Don’t have an agenda, or simply aren’t managed very well? To think about it, when was the last time any of your managers determined the effectiveness or the cost of holding a meeting?

According to a recent survey of supervisors and managers, the average amount of wasted time in most meetings is anywhere between 20 percent and 70 percent, depending on the type of meeting!

That’s why the Managing Meetings© half-day seminar is such an important program for any organisation that holds a lot of meetings.

During Managing Meetings©, participants learn how to write an active, issues-driven agenda that start discussions and encourages the active participation from all the participants. They’ll use useful techniques to get everyone in the meeting fully engaged and interested to want to contribute and to provide good input.

Finally, participants discover how to prioritise an agenda and how to keep any meeting at a comfortable pace – not moving too fast or too slow. They’ll use summarising skills to ensure that every meeting is run efficiently and will emerge with clear outcomes. Altogether they will have new meeting skills to deal with challenging topics, issues or the difficult people who can often attend meetings.

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Management Training
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Management Training
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