Management Training Seminar Course

12 November 2012

Managers, supervisors and team leaders are the foundation of any organisation. Providing your colleagues with the right management training and support is vital in assisting them and their people to accomplish the crucial goals expected of them.

Solving problems, making decisions and disclosing information can be effectively done in meetings, or it could be a pointless waste of time. The difference between productive and unproductive meetings is how they are conducted and how everyone is provided with a chance to participate.

Would you like to have your managers and employees become better at managing their staff? Did you know that we can bring this training seminar to your organisation as a customised management training seminar and professional development program in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide and throughout Australia. Each of our management training programs is customised to your specific management training skills needs of your people.

During the training, your people will learn the following:

  • How to set an agenda that is read and achieves results.
  • Best methods of starting a meeting and ensuring it is run it on time.
  • Skills and methods of documenting, agreements, assignments and events
  • How to operate problem solving, brainstorming, strategic and other types of meetings.

Knowing from experience, we believe it is not always easy to run an effective meeting. For a meeting to be thought as being useful and time productive, there needs to be a balance of flexibility, negotiation, attention and a good agenda..

Ask yourself, how many meetings in your organisation recently start or finish late? Do these meeting not have any agenda or are not managed well? In reflecting on this, when was the last time any of your management team agreed to the effectiveness or the cost of holding a meeting?

According to a recent survey of managers and supervisors, the consistent amount of time wasted in most meetings, depending on the type, ranged between 20 to 70 per cent!

This is why the half-day Managing Meetings© seminar is a very important program for any organisation that conducts a large amount of meetings.

Participants throughout the Managing Meetings© seminar, will learn how to write a dynamic, issue driven agenda that develops discussions and promotes active involvement from all participants. They will apply useful techniques to get meeting attendees fully engaged and motivated to contribute and provide worthwhile input.

Additionally, participants will learn how to prioritise an agenda and keep any type of meeting at a comfortable tempo. They will use skills in summarizing notes to ensure the meeting is conducted efficiently and will produce clear conclusions. Overall, they will obtain new meeting skills to cope with difficult topics, concerns or challenging people who often attend meetings.

To speak to a Success Institute consultant and to learn how this management training can be customised for your organisation and delivered in-house to any Australian city or regional area, please contact us today to learn more.


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