Grad Track Training

Grad Track Training

While you might forget a lot of other things, you’ll always remember your first year of work! Today’s best-practice organisations know that good grades alone are not enough for graduates to get on and get ahead at work.
Grad Track Training


In a blink of an eye, your graduates have gone from being a uni student to becoming your new employee. While some of your graduates may have had work experience in your industry or field, many have not.

Today’s best-practice organisations know that good grades alone are not enough for graduates to get on and get ahead at work.

For graduates entering the workforce, success at work will be largely measured by their soft skills, such as: the right attitude, a professional demeanour, an ability to communicate well, being a team player, displaying professional etiquette, and having “work smarts”.

In his best selling book, Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Goleman suggests that academic talent or intellect alone are not good predictors of success or high achievement at work. While this is true of all professionals, it is particularly relevant for new, fresh graduates starting their new careers in your firm. While many of your graduates will have achieved high university marks, the bigger question to ask yourself and your H.R colleagues is, ‘do they have the business skills and work smarts to get ahead quickly and effectively?’

We know from years of experience, that successfully transitioning your graduates into your workplace can be assisted by a solid induction, and a well-structured career development and training program.

This success of any induction and professional development for graduates depends upon your recruits having a strong intellect and solid interpersonal skills.

Using Grad Track© as part of your graduate induction gives you some breathing space.

Either as a stand-alone program, or as part of your initial training and induction, the content-rich Grad Track© program will work in perfectly with your current graduate induction program to give each of your new inductees the skills, insights and abilities to make the most of their first year at work.

Learning Outcomes For Graduates

  • DISCOVER what their organisation expects of them during their first year at work.
  • LEARN how to develop their emotional intelligence.
  • ENHANCE their presentation and persuasion skills.
  • GET ORGANISED. Learn the secrets of personal effectiveness and time management mastery.
  • FOCUS their efforts doing the things that matter most.
  • COMMUNICATE with colleagues clients and others with greater flow. Understand how to build rapport easily.
  • LEARN how to write effective correspondence that gets read and gets actioned.
  • SUCCESSFULLY transition into their new role quickly. This is especially important if they are on a 12 month department rotation.
  • ACCESS readily made templates, charts, advice and eCoaching from an exclusive internet portal – free!

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Grad Track Training
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