Emotional Intelligence Training

Emotional Intelligence Training

Over the past two decades, study after study has concluded that it is not a person’s intellect that determines their success at work, but rather their emotional intelligence. Having emotionally intelligent managers and employees is essential in order to grow your organisation skills, knowledge and results.
Emotional Intelligence Training

Over the last 20 years, studies from around the world continue to demonstrate that understanding and developing emotional intelligence is a powerful and proven way in building a productive and effective career. What is Emotional Intelligence? It’s both the ability and capacity for recognising our feelings and those of others, as well as being able to motivate and manage our emotions effectively withing ourselves and others.

  • How to build and strengthen your own and your team’s emotional intelligence.
  • Develop new influencing and communication skills.
  • Recognise the negative consequences of unmanaged emotions.
  • Learn the lasting value of being an emotionally intelligent person.

As you already know, managers and staff can no longer simply rely upon their intellectual knowledge to get by. They must have the interpersonal skills and competencies that come with understanding and being emotionally intelligent. That’s why emotional intelligence awareness is no longer simply an emerging trend in Australia. Human Resource managers now know that developing and helping to bring the best out in their team leaders, managers, and general employees is essential for growth and corporate success.

Did you know that research has shown that “having a higher EQ” is a predictor of success? These same studies also indicate that emotional intelligence accounts for up to 45% of an individual’s success on the job.

Over one action-oriented day, the Using Emotional Intelligence at Work© seminar guides your people towards developing the skills to understand and use emotional intelligence as employees and managers.

The Emotional Intelligence at Work© seminar provides the knowledge, practical assessments, tools and skills so that participants leave the program understanding how to be more emotionally intelligent with colleagues, peers and customers.

They will learn how to apply emotional intelligence in a variety of workplace situations while developing the ability to both recognise and manage their own emotions as well as bring out the best in themselves, and the best out of their team.

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Emotional Intelligence Training
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Emotional Intelligence Training
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Emotional Intelligence Training