Business Writing Training

Business Writing Training

The way you write and express your thoughts on paper or E-mail says a lot about who you are and your level of knowledge and skill. Being able to write professionally and persuasively to colleagues and customers alike is an important skill in today’s demanding workplace.
Business Writing Training

Most professional people spend thousands of hours every year writing and composing a variety of documentation to effectively perform their work. So imagine being able to write in such a way that your writing stands out, gets your readers’ attention and inspires them to take action.

  • Discover proven techniques to communicate clearly.
  • Develop an impressive business writing style.
  • Avoid the common mistakes of most business writing.
  • Create documents (including E-mail) that stand out and get attention.

Simply put, good business writing gets read and gets results. Creating a good impression with your writing is the first way to demonstrate professionalism.

Research suggests that most people in the workplace spend very little or no time learning how to write more effectively. In fact, nearly four out of five people admit they’re not really that confident when writing reports, memos or business material.

Just think about the impact on your work if your people could express themselves more clearly in their writing. The one-day Business Writing Power© program will teach participants the secrets to writing business material effectively and efficiently. Participants are able to put their thoughts into written words quickly and easily, confident that their message will be crystal-clear and your documents will have impact!

Packed with great new ideas, tips, insights and easy-to-remember writing and grammar techniques, this seminar is essential if it involves communicating using the written (or electronic) word.

Whether your participants prepare formal business reports, need to proofread business letters, send E-mails to customers, or post quick memos to colleagues or managers, the skills they’ll learn will add a “professional image” to what they write! By the end of this program they’ll have the tools and techniques to be able to write better letters, reports, E-mail and other correspondence easier and of course with greater accuracy and purpose.

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Business Writing Training
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Business Writing Training
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Business Writing Training